Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm tired...

I have been soooo busy today. I have thoroughly cleaned and tidied all 3 bedrooms, changed the bed linen, cleaned the sinks, washed windows, the lot. I'm very proud of myself, but feeling shattered.

The bloomin' boiler chap didn't turn up or ring as promised so I'm not a happy bugsy. My parents did pop in for a surprise visit though which was lovely, and mum was very proud of me being in the middle of a cleaning session. First time she has seen me doing any I think lol. We ended up losing Chelsea to them for the evening, meaning she has requested that I pick her up tomorrow so she can still go to see Emma and co, and drop her off again afterwards so she can stay another night at Granny's.

Joseph has been busy doing the last two items towards his road safety badge. He had to draw and identify 10 road signs, and draw a poster to show awareness of safety for pedestrians. Results of his efforts are below:

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