Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I woke up feeling really positive about today. I had lots of stuff I planned to do and was looking forward to getting stuck in.

Then my dad rang.

My parent's house was broken into last night. My mum and dad had friends staying with them, so they all went out for a meal. They took a taxi, leaving a car and a caravan on the home drive, plus 2 other cars at the bottom of the drive. The lounge light was left on, as was the hall, even the outside Christmas Lights were on. They went out at 7pm and were back before 10pm. The b*star*s still broke in. There wasn't much stolen on the face of it. It seems as though they were disturbed mid-ransack as a TV they had unplugged and placed on the couch was still there. They had trashed the main bedroom and the spare bedroom though, turning out every drawer and wardrobe, and they stole my mums jewellery.

I'm just relieved that they are both okay, but it has understandably shook them up a little. It's just not what they need at their time of life (or anyone needs at any time of life of course, but they are both in their 70's and it breaks my heart knowing my mum doesn't feel safe in her own home).

They have had lots of police visits, both last night and throughout today. I have spoken to both on the phone, but held off visiting as we would just be in the way with 4 children. We will go over in the morning.

Other than that, the day hasn't been so bad. We took the dog for a lovely walk, despite the wind. We only went to the local park, but I do love watching Kira off the lead. The speed she tears around the place when she gains her freedom is exhilarating!

We came home and had lunch, before starting work on our World War 2 project. The children have done a bit about WW2 before, and we went to a museum workshop about it, so today we just chatted about what we knew already. Chelsea and Joseph each wrote a letter as if they were evacuees. Both chose to write to their parents, and both were pretty poignant letters, detailing what they miss and how they were finding their new life with their new family. Obviously a lot of thought had gone into them.

Then we talked about Shelters, and what it must have been like to stay in one. We mentioned that there wasn't much room in the average shelter, so space was always at a premium. We discussed what things we would have taken to pass the time away, and compared it with the items we would take today. Gameboys were top of the list unsurprisingly, but Chelsea did say her Bible too :-)

Work for today was finished off with each of them drawing a picture representing the War. Chelsea drew a Ration Book, and Joseph a bombing scene.

Whilst all this was going on, dear Tiegan was on Studydog :-)

We have read our day by day bible, and I am determined to keep up with it this year! We always seem to get so far in and then "forget" to read it. This year WILL be different!

Joseph did some fantastic reading to me whilst I was cooking dinner. I never tire of hearing that lad read. When I think of the heartache and struggles we had together, to hear him whizz through books now is pure bliss :-)

After a rather scrummy dinner of home-made soup and rolls, I cleaned out the Guinea Pigs and Rabbit cages, whilst the children had baths. We are now going to snuggle up on the sofa and read Michael Morpurgo's The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips together. Chelsea has read it through once and loves it, so we are having it as our family evening book :-)


  1. So sorry to hear about your parents - what a terrible shock. Elle

  2. skim reading blogs on my way to bed but had to stop to say thinking of your parents and you, must be tough all round.

  3. Thanks Jax, I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. So sorry to hear about the burglary. I can understand how upset it must have made everyone.
    If you need me to have the children at any point so you can help your parents tidy up, just shout.

    Looks like you got off to a great start with your term though :-)

  5. Sorr to hear what happened to your parent Jules:(

  6. Anonymous12:50 pm

    What an awful shock for you all.

  7. Oh that's awful for your parents - will leave them feeling so vunerable. Hope they feel better soon.

  8. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Hi Jules,
    Just catching up with the blogs. So sorry to hear about your parents,I hope they are doing ok.

    Hope H.E. gets back on track for you, though you still seem to be getting plenty done:)

  9. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Ps: Tagging You- see my blog :)

  10. Ahh Carol beat me to it, I was going to tag you! Love your homeschool planner by the way, very inspriring. xxx Happy New Year x

  11. How terrible for your parents. I imagine how scary that must be. Thank goodness they werent in the house when it happened as it could have been a lot worse for them. I hope that they catch these people and your parents can feel safe again.