Thursday, January 25, 2007


Still no heating or hot water (great timing to coincide with the coldest week so far...) Our lovely (ha ha) boiler guy has declared he doesn't know what's wrong with it so won't try and fix it. Very helpful. I think I'm more annoyed at the fact that 2 days have been wasted waiting for that bit of news, 2 days when we could have been finding someone else.

Anyway, yesterday was lovely, as we visited special friends and had a lovely natter and kiddy social time. Came home and made "melting meatballs" courtesy of Somerfield magazine, and they went down a treat. Definitely one to remember for another day.

Today I am sorting out the schoolroom (yes again) after re-arranging the furniture. I enjoy doing it when I get started, it's the getting started that is the problem, so on that note, I shall go and begin...

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful to have you all yesterday, as always :-)
    Thank you so much for making today a special day for me.

    (If you need the number of my plumber should you get stuck, let me know.) x