Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We got through today without any hastles, troubles, worries, or woes. Hurray! I was put in a good mood straight away when my ebay purchase arrived. I'm so chuffed with it, I can't wait to start stitching. I have resisted temptation though, preferring to wait until children are safely tucked up and I can stitch without any distractions.

Instead we headed off to Trago so I could buy some Aida fabric. They only had 18-count, but I bought some anyway :-) After moaning quite a few times about the rudeness of some people, we left and arrived nice and calm at home.

Lunch was soon made, followed by Chelsea and I taking Kira for her first walk since she hurt her paw pad. She was full of herself, and we arrived home rather muddy and exhausted, but we enjoyed ourselves. Tiegan played on Studydog, whilst Joseph worked on the WW2 project. I then prepared the veg for our soup this evening, and whilst that was cooking, made a start on designing the sheets of my crafting journal I am hoping to keep up with this year.

Joe is off to Cubs this evening, they are working on their road-safety badge tonight. Joe should have gone last week, but amongst all the goings on we were struggling with, I completely forgot about it *blush*.


  1. Have you still got the name of the shop I use on ebay for my cross-stitch bits? I have a feeling she does all sizes and colours of aida cheaply as well as the threads. Let me know if you need it and I'll dig it out for you. x

  2. Did you get my email? I think I must have sent it to the wrong address as I haven't heard back from you :(

    anyway we're going to Crealy today if you fancy joining us and can make it.

  3. ah, cross stitch! I used to do that! When things got tough the other year I sold my entire collection on ebay. Made a fortune! But now I'm reading your blog I'm getting the itch to stitch (groan!) maybe a baby sampler to ease me in... mind you I never got one made for William so I'd have to make 2 at once !

  4. I only made Chelsea a birth sampler, so I've got 3 to catch up with.... and I want to do a wedding sampler for our wedding too lol. I always did them for other people, but never for my own.