Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still without heating and hot water, but giving credit to the engineer who has been here every day since Monday desperately trying to temporarily fix the problem whilst waiting for the correct part to be sent. He hasn't had any luck though, but is a lovely chap :-)

Today has been a quiet one. The children have got on with work this morning, both doing maths workbooks, reading, and story-writing. They are currently enjoying the garden whilst the weather is so mild.

I meanwhile have been to the shop, and came back with a lovely knitting pattern and some gorgeous wool in order to make Callum a much needed jumper.

I am hoping it will turn out something like the hooded version of this:

Except in the Claret coloured yarn, which looks like this:

I had no intention of starting a new knitting project, but walked past our fab *Just Knitting* shop on the way to the shop and that pattern and yarn was staring at me through the window. Too much temptation :-) I have since found out that the yarn is being discontinued, so I'm rather chuffed that I grabbed it whilst I could.

I have decided to start a
new blog detailing my knitting and stitching exploits to try to steer this one in the vague direction of it's intended home-ed use. I'm also hoping that having a *crafting only* blog will inspire me to continue with projects as I would need to fill it with something :-)


  1. It's terrible being without hot water and heating, I really sympathise. We had nearly a month of it a year ago and it was an absolute nightmare. Hope it gets fixed for you real soon.
    Lucy X

  2. The jumper looks lovely, clever you, I've never been any good with the old knitting needles. Elle