Friday, January 19, 2007


only I could get lost for 3 hours *rolls eyes*.

I took Kira out for a walk. Yes in the high winds and rain. After 15 minutes or so, we almost went home, but didn't. Instead we headed for some nearby country lanes to explore. Bad idea number 1.

We ended up in Torquay, which was fine because I knew where I was so knew how to get home. But, never to take the easy route, I noted a bridlepath heading in the direction we should be going so decided to take that instead of the road. Bad idea number 2. We ended up doing a complete circle and getting back on to the country lanes we had started with. Now most sensible people would have thought "If we just retrace our steps we will get to home". I'm obviously not most sensible people as I headed in a different direction, sure it would bring us out in the same place. Bad idea number 3. It didn't.

It was a lovely walk though, lots of beautiful houses to admire and envy, lots of horses to pat (and bark at in Kira's case), lots of villages to pass through and make a mental note to revisit.

3 hours later and we were home safe and sound. Ooooops. (Just to note though, Kira still wasn't tired. She immediately picked up one of her toys and ran around playing with it. I meanwhile needed to lie down on the sofa with a cuppa!)


  1. Lol!! I thought you were mad the day you walked the lanes over to mine. Glad things don't change! ;-)
    Sounds as if Kira had a great time. She'll be expecting the same every day!!

  2. Sounds lovely, wish we could get "lost" like that near our house! Elle