Monday, January 01, 2007

World War 2 - Topic Outline and Links

- Countries / Leaders involved. Look up locations on maps / globe.
Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler,
- Timeline of key events.
Timeline, Another Timeline
- Look at possible causes for the war. Germany's invasion of Poland. The Treaty of Versaille. Hitler gaining power.
- Discuss what life was like for various people.
Children, Women,
- Discuss lifestyle changes.
The need for Rationing, Shelters, The Blackout, Gas Masks, Evacuation
- Look at shopping during the war. What food was scarce? How did people improvise?
- Military weapons used.
Things to do.
- Try to get hold of memorabilia from the time. Ration books and other items are often available on Ebay.
- Write a diary entry from a child's perspective.
- Pretend you are a journalist reporting on the war. What would you say?
- Make up your own ration books and identity cards.
- Black out windows, use candles, imagine living that way.
- Create a shelter.
- Make up a meal containing available food stuffs. What would it be like to have rationed foods?
- Have a go at repairing old clothes and "making do" as they would have done during wartime.


  1. Wow you are so organised! Some very good ideas there i may steal later in the year ;)

  2. I'm trying my best :-) I will be adding to it as time goes by, so keep checking back!