Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Playing catch up...

Time is just whizzing by, I'm finding it hard to keep up! Everything is swimming along just beautifully and I am in a very happy place right now. I hope I stay there :-)

Lots of things have been going on. We have had visitors to entertain, a car to be fixed, and a "rat room" to convert. My dh has finally given in and let me buy a huge cage for my ratties (currently only one, but more are on the way!) We are waiting for these little fella's to grow big enough to join us...

Sadly their mum was a rescue case :-( They should be joining us around the end of March/beginning of April time all being well. The new cage is sized to fit around 17 ratties so I will be on the look out for more rescues to fill it :-) I love my ratties, to the point of stupidity really *shrug*

Joseph has been continuing to thrive at his cub-scouts and is on the way to gaining another badge, this time for home-safety. He has recently attended a outing to Forde House which was very interesting (I tagged along save hanging around for an hour as the car isn't yet fixed so I had to go by bus). Chelsea is adoring her time at Scouts now, the change from Guides was definitely worthwhile.

At home-wise, we have been doing lots of reading regarding world war and the children have been interested in Anne Frank. Due to their interest we have probably been studying it a bit heavier than we would normally, but I won't complain. We have been doing lots of cooking and baking, crafts, art, and general stuff. Things are going really well for us. The children are taking a real interest in animal care too, so they have been busy learning about individual animal needs and daily requirements.

Today has been spent waiting for the cage to arrive. Very annoying as it is the second day I've stayed in for it. Not that we could go far without the car being useable, but still :-( Our Tesco's delivery should be arriving shortly, so I'd better go and clear some space for unpacking!


  1. I saw that photo on flickr and though someone was skinning rats!!

    finally got you on my sage again after something happened and you dissappeared!

  2. *gasp* skinning rats!!! *horror*
    Giggle, nah, just me ickle babies ;-)
    I'm glad I have returned from wherever I had gone!

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say hello and delurk cause I read your blog regularly. I'm also a member of FR - I have 5 ratties now. 3 are rescues and 2 are from Beltane rattery.
    Bet you can't wait til you get your new ratties. Its ace being able to see regular photos of them as they grow up.