Friday, February 09, 2007

There is nothing exciting going on here, hence the lack of blogging. I have been busy setting up a new website to sell my handmade stuff, and making stuff to go on it :-)

The children have all been busy doing bits and pieces of "work". Chelsea is doing her own project on Anne Frank, Joseph is writing about Football, and Tiegan is doing whatever she feels like at the time. I have totally fallen head over heels in love with Callum this past few weeks (not that I didn't love him before of course, just the bond seems to be growing even more). He has just been the cutest little fella to have around, so curious, so loving, so darn gorgeous! We have been spending lots of time together just one to one, going to the shops or walking the dog and I've really enjoyed it. I've found out that there is a mums and toddlers group on a Thursday morning in the village, so I think I will take him along to that. Would probably benefit the both of us really as I would meet other mums, and he would meet other littlies. As well as that, there is a sing thing that goes on at the library for his age group so we may well go to that too.

Joseph is still very much enjoying cub-scouts and has earnt his first badge! Of course he was thrilled to bits. It is the road safety badge and he is very proud of it :-) Chelsea has given up the Girl Guides and has decided to go to Scouts instead. She had her first meeting last week and adored it. I haven't seen her grin so much in a long time, it was lovely to see. Apparently she was made to feel very welcome and they "did stuff" so that can only be an improvement on her Guiding experience. She is going again tonight.

This week we have my dad over every day to sort out the bloomin' car. It has started to play up (which is something we have expected it to do for a long long time so no surprise but still annoying), and is due it's MOT soon. I haven't heard any shouting and cursing so I think things must be going okay.

My parents are looking at selling their house which has come as a huge relief for my brother and I. We have been really worried about my mum and the stairs that lead up to the front of the house for a while, and have been trying to persuade them to move but although they agree it's the right thing to do they frustratingly didn't do anything about it. I told them that if they didn't arrange for their place to be valued and put on the market within a week then I would arrange it all for them. It did the trick I think. Mum is just tidying up a rooms decor wise, and then it will be all systems go. I'm expecting a phone call in a wee while from mum asking me to go and view a house she likes the sound of. I love looking at houses :-)


  1. Another new website!!?!?!!??!!?!

  2. pmsl...I like playing *shrugs*

    This is *it* this time.

  3. Well done to Joe on his badge :-)

    looking forward to the launch of the new website :-D