Friday, February 02, 2007

Yuckety yuck yuck!

Home Education for today?

How the household sewage drainage system works.

Experiment Instructions:
  • Enquire as to what daddy and grandad are doing lifting up the drain cover in the garden.
  • Get devilish looks of delight on faces.
  • Take it in turns to run up to the loo and do a "number 2".
  • Flush toilet.
  • Run rapidly downstairs and out to the garden as quickly as physically possible.
  • Wait for said "number 2" to appear in hole.
  • Squeal over-enthusiastically when your "waste product" appears. Cheers and hurray cries are obviously acceptable.
  • Repeat until you can repeat no more.


Anyone want my children? They really are delightful *rolls eyes*.


  1. Anonymous4:15 am

    ROFL! Oh Jules, aren't kids fantastic,lol.

  2. Lol Jules!! I can't believe it of your little darlings! ;-)

    I hope they remember to tell Pat all about it next time round!! :-D

  3. Thats absolutely wonderful! Sounds great, and somehow more satisfying than playing Pooh Sticks (as in Winnie-the-Pooh).

  4. Anonymous1:23 pm

    lol!!! but where are the photos? ;0)

  5. pmsl, that's hysterical!

  6. rofl - a perfect home ed moment! Now, you wouldn't get that kind of education/excitement at school....

  7. Brilliant!!!!!! LOLOLOL!

    (ps. moved blog to - must sort out a link to you :)