Monday, April 30, 2007

Family Day Monday...

This morning I took the children (minus Tiegan who is still at my parents) to the library. I finally got around to getting Callum his own library ticket, something I have been meaning to do for a long while now. He is thrilled with it as he can now get out the Bob the Builder books. He is going through a real obsessive phase where everything has to do with Bob the Builder, even the kangeroo on his t-shirt was BTB's kangeroo!

I have made a commitment to go to the library once a week. As a community we are battling to save the library from closure, so we aim to get as much use out of it as possible to show that it is a much needed resource. I really don't like the idea of having to travel by car to the nearest library when we have one almost on our doorstep.

After the library visit we went home and collected dh, and then had a stroll to the park. Seemed very weird not having Kira with us, but I knew the children would want to play at the playground and that is (quite rightly) a no dogs allowed section. Dh and Joe played football, whilst Chelsea and I took Callum on the play equipment.

It was a really lovely day, spoilt only by another mother with 3 lovely children, and her attitude towards them. I quite literally walked around biting my lip so as not to say something horrid to her :o(

We came home and I took Kira down to the park to stop my guilt pangs :o)

When we first started out on our home-ed adventure, I came across
this and printed it out for Joseph. At that time he was going through a Spiderman mad phase and my plan was to keep the file until he was ready to read through it and complete it alone. Only I forgot about it, until last night when I was sorting through our resources. I gave it to Joe today and he has enjoyed doing a few pages of it, although it is too easy for him now. I don't think the "super-hero worship" phase has left him quite yet though :o)


  1. I can't get over Callum, he was still a babe in arms when I last saw you! Tiegan's looking very grown up too.

  2. Your new blog style looks great. Thanks for the link I think B will really like this. Elle

  3. Can you believe that Callum will be 2 at the end of June??? I can't! My baby getting all grown up, it's not good *pout*

    Elle, thanks for your comment. I'm glad the link will be of use :o)

  4. Lovely pictures......:0).

    I don't know where the time goes - they grow up so quickly!