Saturday, April 28, 2007


I saw this on Merry's Blog and it turns out..

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

We have had a really nice day today, just pottering around. The house has seemed so quiet without Tiegan and Joe bickering! Chelsea has been doing some more modelling, I must get some clay so we can keep her creations. She has also read, helped cook dinner, helped me clean out the rat cages, and played with Callum. Joseph has read about Dinosaurs, played football in the garden, talked about football, watched football on TV, moaned about football, told me what was going on in the get the idea *rolls eyes*

I, meanwhile, have been spending far too much time on the computer. I have tweaked our "school" timetable to something that I think will suit us better, and re-done the websites. They still aren't finished, but I feel I'm getting somewhere with them now.

Tomorrow I plan on searching for some suitable venues for HE meet-ups, and more school planning and organising.


  1. You've been a busy bee :-)
    I know you like creating websites though and I look forward to looking at them once they're up and running. Gotta love the 'Perky Pigs' title :-D

    looking forward to seeing you soon....

  2. Best of luck with your websites and finding a venue.....:0)