Sunday, April 15, 2007

Strolling along...

Recently our days have been filled enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Being without a car may have hampered our going out times, but it has meant that we have been spending a lot of time together just enjoying each others company. We have played football, made rat hammocks, played games, spent time with the animals, read stories, and drawn chalk pictures on the patio. It has been lovely to watch the children being free to enjoy their childhood. We did venture to the nearest town on the bus on Thursday, but it cost us £12 so won't be something we will be doing very often!

On Wednesday we had a special delivery. Ronnie and Reggie, two oldie (19 month old approx) bucks, and 2 babies which we have since called Dylan and Dexter. That raises our current ratty count to 9 (in 4 cages).

Ronnie (lighter one) and Reggie:

Ronnie settling in just fine :-)



Playing peek-a-boo:

Mr Whiskers, Dylan and Dexter snuggled up on their first day together.


  1. "It has been lovely to watch the children being free to enjoy their childhood". Oh yes! that quote just sums up HE, doesn't it? The sunshine has us all feeling very "swallows and amazons"!

  2. Love the names, lol :-)
    They look really cute and I can't wait to see them all finally filling up your huge great cage.
    I'm sure there's room for more though......;-)

  3. Ahhhh, lovely rats :)