Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunny Days

We started off this morning by reading 2 more chapters of Rats of Nimh, the children are really enjoying that at the moment. They then scuttled off to do some poetry work and illustrations. I thoroughly cleaned and tidied Joseph's room, it soooo needed an "adult's touch". Had a long chat with the children about taking responsibility for their belongings after finding over £200 worth of Playstation games and DVDs stuffed under the TV cabinet, one of which was broken. Grrrr. My children really don't respect what they have got, they seem to live in this replaceable world where they don't have to look after anything as we can just "buy new". Well, we can't (financially) and won't anymore, so they will have to think on.

This afternoon we had a lovely walk with Kira, stopping off at the playground and park on the way home. Happy children and happy dog, makes such a difference to how I feel :o) Should really make more use of the playground before it get's taken over by the summer hoards of schoolchildren.

I've sent off our English Heritage application for this year (courtesy of Tesco's vouchers). I know that we could have applied for the education membership, but we do tend to just drive and pop in the places as we pass without making plans, I feel comforted in the knowledge that we won't have some jobsworth trying to say that we have to book / are not allowed at weekends / or can only visit in term-time. I'm looking forward to making the most of the membership and attending lots of events throughout the year. Cheap days out *grin*

I'm starting to get that "I love Home-Educating" feel back to my days after being in rather a slump for a while now. I now have lots of plans and want-to-do's spinning around my head, and eager to get on with things. I'm sure the good weather has something to do with my enthusiasm returning.

Now just need to start socialising again :o)

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