Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things are looking up...

Finally, it looks as though we are getting a new car! It seems ages since we have been "mobile". My parents have bought a Motorhome, and no longer need their two cars, so are selling their 7 seater Mitsubishi. We are buying it off them, but with interest-free payments ;-) We are lucky enough to have found someone to buy our old piece of junk *ahem* I mean car. We have done a cash deal with a laptop thrown in :-) Love it.

I'm hoping to settle down to our normal routine next week. Chelsea and Joseph are back at Scouts / Cub Scouts, and life will feel a bit more normal again. Must start getting organised again. I'm going to do more about the human body because Joseph has got a real interest in that at the moment having watched a couple of programmes on the subject. I'll have a chat with the children to see what else they would like to do.

We have become pretty lazy of late, and have been enjoying the lovely weather. Lots of nice long walks with Kira, and the children playing in the paddling pool and enjoying the garden space we have here.


  1. It's amazing how you miss a car when you haven't got one isn't it!? You must be pretty chuffed to be back on the road. Elle

  2. Yes, we have certainly missed the car! We haven't got "our wheels" yet, not until the 1st May!