Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We have had a really fruitful day today, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. We have started our human body work and discussed various parts including the brain and the tongue. The children each drew a diagram on the tongue and labelled it's various tasting parts. They then each wrote a piece about the human body of their own choosing.

During lunch I read 2 chapters of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, then we set off for our walk. We had heard about a local area of interest but had never managed to find them. Today dh came home from work armed with directions, so we tried them out. We walked down a lovely country lane that was labelled as unsuitable for vehicles so none of the usual traffic chaos! Of course we took our coats as it kept on raining, but then there was no rain during our walk *rolls eyes*

There is something wonderful about ambling down lanes with a dog in tow, I just love it. We saw lots of ponies and watched a fantastic hawk stalking it's prey.

The children are busily preparing quiche and salad for dinner, and Joseph is then off to Scouts.


  1. You're so lucky - all that beautiful countryside so close to you. Elle

  2. I must confess that we do feel very blessed living here. Countryside around us, Moors just a short drive to one side, beaches just a short drive the other. Wonderful!