Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Driving, Driving, Driving...

What a busy day! We headed over to see Emma in the morning, not to stop (!), but just to say hello. Ended up staying for 2 hours *grin*. It was lovely though of course, great to have a natter, and the children loved seeing their friends again, and playing in the sunshine. We are, as I've said many time, very blessed to have forged such wonderful friendships, both myself and the children.

Then we went over to visit my parents and view their new motorhome. Very nice it is too! The kids all had a try of the top bunk bed of course. Callum thought it was good fun climbing to the top of the ladder, shouting help, and getting down again. Cute.

Spent much longer there than expected, meaning it was too late to cook the Pork joint and veg as planned. Must get more organised.

After dinner I took Tiegan to the library to get some books, then home where we all played football in the garden. So nice to be able to enjoy the warm and light evenings. Callum found a very muddy puddle that he delighted in playing in. The result being a VERY muddy, I hesitate to use the word, boy. He was unrecognisable. You couldn't see his shoes, even his nappy was thick with mud!! Should have taken a photo really.

After much needed baths, we settled and read through half a dozen or so of the library books. Lovely to cuddle up on the sofa for reading time, with clean, lovely smelling babies. They looked so cosy and snug.

Shuffled them all off to bed at 8.45pm so I could give it all a quick tidy-up before settling to watch The Apprentice.

Lovely day with lots of lovely memories :0)

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  1. A lovely day indeed :-)
    Thanks so much for my surprise visit and thank you again for my gorgeous flowers - they're beautiful and made my day :-)
    I can honestly say that yesterday was the first day this week I've really had lifted spirits and felt so relaxed and happy to just rest and wait for nature to take its course.
    Back to the hill walking again today though! ;-)