Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It's good to have a fully-working car on our drive again, and it's ours! *Dances*

I have driven it and love it, it really feels great to be fully mobile once more. I must admit to feeling like a new driver again as it has been so long since I've driven, but soon regained my confidence. We went to Tescos this morning, it was so nice to have a full choice of foods for dinner again!

After unpacking our shopping, we had a lovely lunch together, then the children and I set out on a walk with Kira. The children took their clipboards and paper, and had instructions to draw or write whatever they wanted along the way. I think so often my children just ramble along the beautiful country lanes and woodland without actually seeing anything, if that makes sense. Today though was different and they have discovered a huge amount and realised that they usually miss it all as they are playing their games or bickering. I think it really opened their eyes to what was around them. They took notes of the beautiful wild flowers and wildlife they have seen, the birds, the insects, and even the different types of trees. We had discussions about signs, and talked about quicksand (as there was warning posters dotted around the Bridleway we were walking on). We discussed polution and the effects of left litter on the environment. One of the stunning houses that we passed had solar panels on the roof, so that led to a discussion of solar power and how it works. Something I think we will follow up on. All in all it was a beautiful day, a wonderful walk, and a lovely time spent with my eldest three children (Callum had been left asleep on the sofa at home with dh).

Kira enjoyed it too of course.

The views were pretty wonderful as well...

French Bread Pizza's for dinner...

and now Joe is off to Cub-Scouts :o)


  1. Wow, how fab to have a car again. Is it a zafira? I can't tell.

    Josiah and I would love to see you soon so let us know if we could meet up somewhere sometime ...

  2. nope, mitsubishi spacewagon. It is lovely to drive :o)

    Will definitely arrange a meet up soon, will email you!

  3. Yeh! Wheels! Have fun. Elle