Friday, May 04, 2007

A "just doing stuff" day.

We had a "just doing stuff" day today, where the children could do pretty much whatever they chose to. Joseph has read books, practised football skills, played with Callum and Tiegan, and generally been very helpful. Chelsea has written poems, read books, helped me clean out the rats, and played football. Tiegan has read books, played Guess Who with Joe, played with the plastercine, and helped water the plants and wash the car.

I have (as mentioned) cleaned out the rats, and also had a quick cuddle with one of the not so little now babies, Dexter.

He is such a cutie!

I'm just off to take Chelsea to Scouts, then I've promised the others that I will play in the garden with them before bed. I think another evening of crafts and reading is in order. I really enjoyed my TV free night last night.

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  1. oh dear, cute ratty picture, and book a heavy guilt trip for grit who deeply apologises for being a rat murderer. I can only say in my defence it was 2004 and life was different way back then.