Thursday, May 03, 2007

Loving our Days

Right now I am loving my life. I am really enjoying spending time with my beautiful children, and thoroughly enjoying living where we are.

This morning we headed to a few local stores to look at the plants. We can't afford to do too much to the garden this year, but wanted to make some sort of an effort. We bought a few varieties of flowers and a few bags of compost and that will have to do.

After lunch, I tidied our "school room" (yes again!) and then started work on the garden. Got half of what needed doing done, before having to make a start on dinner. The kids entertained themselves (and the dog!) outside, enjoying the glorious weather. We got a phone call from my dad saying that he and mum would be over shortly, oh and my brother would be over soon too. They all arrived just as I was making a fuss over a beautiful English Bull Terrier that was walking past our drive. It's poor owner had to stand and wait for my whole family to make a fuss of his dog *grin*. Spent the next couple of hours sat in the garden chatting. It truly was a wonderful family gathering, a rare occurance, but one I'm hoping we can build on.

After dinner, I went outside and played football with the kids. I have had loads of headaches recently, almost one a day. I thought it was just down to the time of the month as usual, but they are still lingering on now. I think it is about time I admit defeat and start looking at medication to control them. I've had numerous tests and scans for the causes of my headaches/migraines, right since my school days, but no one has ever been able to come up with a reason for them. I've tried to stay off medication for as long as possible, but now they are happening so frequently it's unfair to all around me. Today's isn't too bad. It is *just* a headache, with none of the sickness/dizziness/visuals/speech deterioration to go with it. I was determined it wouldn't beat me today, and I still insisted on keeping my promise to Joe to play football after dinner. I managed to. I like keeping promises.

The kids have just gone to bed following another mammoth reading session. We can go to the library again tomorrow now as we have read most of the books we borrowed on Monday/Wednesday. Tonight I am just going to relax and knit, craft or read. I haven't decided yet.


  1. You sound as happy with your life as I am with mine!
    We've had another couple of ridiculosly, stupidly great days that have extended waaay into the evening....leaving me too tired to blog!

  2. Apart from your headaches of course! Glad it's not been too bad today, can't imagine anything worse than persistent headaches.