Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Plodding on...

Nothing much going on around here at the moment, hence the lack of blogging. We are basically just plodding along, getting on with whatever life throws our way.

Home-Educating is going well (in my opinion). Not a great deal of formal stuff is happening, but the children are doing a wide range of things "off their own backs" so to speak. For Chelsea this means writing and designing a magazine, whilst Joseph is setting up his own Football Club. Tiegan is flitting between making cards "like mummy", and creating a magazine like Chelsea. I'm happy to let the children do their own thing, and with Joseph now able to read extremely fluently, he is very often to be found with his head buried in a book. We have been spending lots of time in the garden when the weather has been welcoming. Dh and I have bought a couple of badminton rackets so we can re-live our pre-children days when we used to play regularly. It's been fun trying to play again, and we have both realised just how unfit we now are (especially dh *grin*)

I have been spending too much time on the computer, but I should be able to cut back on that a little now. I have lots of little plans buzzing around inside my head, all fighting for a front row seat. It's difficult trying not to get carried away sometimes. Things are starting to come together as I had envisaged, and that gives me real hope.

Chelsea has been cooking dinner practically every night, which has been fantastic. So far we have had Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Rice, Sausage, Beans and Mash, Pizza, Lamb Chops and vegetables, Leek and Potato Soup, and Pasta Bake. Quite the little Delia! She enjoys cooking though (which is more than can be said for me!) so I am happy to let her get on with it. I put it down to learning life-skills for the future *grin*.

Callum is growing up seemingly so fast now. Each day he is adding to his vocabularly. Today's words were duck and wee-wee. Not sure what the wee-wee thing was all about, he was pointing to the bin at the time and saying that the bin had done a wee-wee up there? Hmmm. Need lessons to understand that one. The duck one was straight forward though as there were ducks, geese and swans on the TV. As his second birthday is fast approaching, I can see him changing on a daily basis. He is definitely his own person, able to tell us what he likes and doesn't like, what he wants and definitely what he doesn't want. Not a day goes by when he doesn't bring a huge smile to my face. He has a real gift of being able to light up a room with his grin. He has got a very infectious giggle that you just can't help joining in with, and he is a real cuddle monster, offering kisses and cuddles freely at random moments throughout the day.

Today we have just been ambling along, with much of the afternoon been spent in the garden. So nice to have a large space to play in, and in such contrast to our old place. I have been trying to teach Chelsea and Joseph how to play Badminton, with trying being the word. Chelsea in particular lacks co-ordination and that coupled with the fact that she tries too hard and gets frustrated when failing is a horrid combination. She is improving though, so I shan't give up yet!

A couple of pictures of our day, just in case you were forgetting what we looked like...

And one of Tiegan looking, erm, interesting shall we say.

She had made up some bubble mixture and was using the cookie cutter as a "bubble wand". Apparently she needed the goggles on to protect her eyes in case a bubble flew into them and burst. She also needed the hat on to protect her hair so it didn't get wet and sticky when the bubbles popped. Okay?


  1. Okay! Makes perfect sense to me!

  2. A lovely post Jules with great photos :-)
    Can't wait to see you all later on. xxxxxx

  3. Wow, Callum looks so grown up now! Such a cutie too.

    Well done to Chelsea for all that cooking too. :-)