Saturday, June 02, 2007

I think we are winning...

After stern (and not so stern) words from friends, I think we are back on winning form. If I have learnt anything this week it would be that my children are happy, they are wonderful children, and who cares what others think...yes, even parents. School is not the be all and end all (as so many of you pointed out, so thank you!) Weird because I'm often heard ranting about how qualifications can be taken outside of school and you don't have to go to school to take them, but when it's myself that is critiscised I stumble and fall. I admit to feeling really crushed as I thought my parents had accepted our decision to Home-Ed as it is rarely mentioned now, but boy, when it is mentioned, the knife gets a twist.

Moving along, we have had a fairly nice week. Shame the same couldn't be said about the weather for much of the week but ho hum. Callum is going through one of his "I don't feel like sleeping" phases which is a little bit of a pain. It means that the tiredness is triggering my migraines. Usually it doesn't really matter as I just go to bed when dh is home, but this time it happened to be on Friday when I had planned a trip out with other HErs. We were all really looking forward to catching up with people, but alas, with the visual disturbances I was getting, driving was out of the question.

Lots of re-organisation has been taken place here though, so I'm feeling very positive. We are now back to having a school room, and a seperate craft room. I was finding that sharing the space for those two tasks wasn't working so needed to have a re-think. I'm happy with the way things have turned out though. I've just been looking online for a smaller desk for our main computer so that it will take up less room in our dining room, and I can then have this big desk downstairs in my newly formed craft "studio" (sounds posher than room eh?! *grin)

Business wise, things are really picking up so I'm very excited here. It does mean that I need to organise myself into "business mode" and "Home Ed mode" a little bit better than I currently am, but I'm sure we will find a routine that suits soon. At least for now the children are busy learning about building up a little business and all that in entails!


  1. Glad you're sounding more positive about everything.
    Very jealous of your classroom/craftroom. Is it soooo wrong to be looking forward to Adam moving out, just so that we can have our own??

  2. Yes, it's good to hear you sounding back on track.

  3. Glad you are feeling more positive again now Jules.

    I meant to add this to your last post: I left school with 11 good exam passes. When I applied to go to college some years later I was told they were worthless and got in on 2 A level courses through sheer determination alone. From there I did an access course and from there university. So school didn't factor at all in my 'higher' education. Feel free to tell your mum that if you need a concrete example of how school really doesn't matter if you have the determination to succeed. Oh and one other thing, in my A level biology class was a girl who had been home educated all her life, and she got on with no gcse passes too and also went on to uni. ;-)

  4. Your mum's comment was a bit of a stinger..she must have momentarily lost tactfulness as it really was a hurtful thing to suggest. I trust that you can recover completely from this and move on. School debilitates us in so many ways, home education is a liberation from that.

  5. Glad that you're feeling better about the everything. Here's to your business! Elle

  6. Me again, I've tagged you. Elle

  7. Oh - I tagged you too !
    Hi Jules - I've been of the curcuit for a bit, but glad to hear you got yourself sorted after the family stings - I can empathise :)