Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Was a nice one for us.

The children worked hard this morning doing their workbooks. Chelsea was doing Science, looking at material properties. Joseph was doing literacy, creating a superhero and story, and Tiegan was doing a "Helping to Read" workbook. They all then did numeracy work, and we settled down to read stories and our weekly "current affairs" time. We discussed things in the news, such as the terrible flooding, and the change of Prime Minister.

This afternoon we baked cakes and biscuits, and planned what we could do for Callums Birthday on Saturday.

This evening, Joseph went and played with the children from next door whilst Chelsea and I cooked dinner (her choice to help). Then it was Cub-Scouts for Joseph where he proudly gained another badge, this time for Personal Safety.

I have had a night off from doing "business stuff" as I have got another migraine coming on. I took one of my prescribed tablets, but it just made me drowsy, feel sick, and dizzy. I'm off to sleep it off now.


  1. Not much to say other than get back to the Dr asap missus!!
    Don't let him fob you off with anything other than preventative meds this time. Huge hugs x

  2. Sounds like a peaceful day....sorry about the migraine. I remember my mum suffering from them and how everything had to stop. And also being very thankful that I didn't (and don't) have them. Hope you get the tablet thing sorted out too.

  3. ooooh I think your new template is Luverly :) really luvverly .
    sorry to hear about your migraine , connor gets them too and i've seen how nasty they can be, hope it's quickly gone x

  4. Hope you're feeling better now, sounds like those tablets are rubbish!