Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, Tiegan is now feeling a whole lot better. She is still looking pale and tired, but seems to be over the worst of it. Poor little Callum is struggling to keep anything down him, but I'm clinging on to the fact that he has improved since yesterday and hopefully tomorrow will be better still. I meanwhile have lost the sniffles so they haven't progressed into anything, something to be thankful for as I'm too busy playing Florence to be ill.

We have completed our schoolwork for the day, so feeling chuffed that life has continued regardless. We covered numeracy in the form of shopping roleplay, simple for Tiegan, more complicated for Chelsea. Joseph is staying at my parents so will work with him on his return.. The rest of us have read our books, visited the library, completed spelling practice, and added to our Africa project.


  1. Well done for keeping going, that couldn't have been easy with sniffles going on at the same time. Bless them. :-)

    Good to hear the little ones are improving.


  2. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Lovely to read about little C becoming two! Where has the time gone?
    Have a happy summer.
    Love Sianne.xx

  3. What a beautiful little boy you have!