Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Chelsea has been writing poems today...

My Family

My family is really mad
but I wouldn't say it's all that bad.

Yes my sister likes to nag
but she isn't really an old hag,

and my brothers love to play
football on their crazy days.

My dad is really quite weird
but he is a little better than I feared.

My mum is really really fun.
She's the best, she's number 1!

Dedicated to My Mum

Some mums like to shop for clothes
Some mums sit and pray in rows
Some mums like to brush their hair,
till it shines, well that's quite fair


My mum really really cares
My mum never stops and stared
My mum makes fantastic things
and never, ever, shops for rings.

So I would just like to say
that she is special in every way.

Mum, I love you!

My Mum

Mums are flowers
Mums are fun
Mothers care for everyone.

One mum is the very best
Much much better than the rest
She's kind, sweet, caring,
lots of fun
and I'm proud to say that she's
MY mum.


  1. They are very sweet Jules, Chelsea obviously loves her mum. :-)

  2. She has a real talent there and such a lovely tribute to you