Sunday, July 08, 2007


Not having a very nice weekend here. Tiegan has come down with an awful cold, continuous runny nose, difficulty breathing, not being able to sleep, crying at everything, and just generally looking very run down and fed up. Her eyes are red and her nose and lips are sore. Poor love. I was up most of the night with her, so am not feeling particularly good either. Callum is also showing signs of the same thing, being very emotional when he wouldn't usually be, and the same runny nose. The eldest two don't seem to be affected and nor does Lee yet, but I am getting the sniffles so playing the waiting game to see if anything comes of it.

So the weekend has been a wash out pretty much. We had plans which we had been looking forward to, but I couldn't face trying to cope with ill children and it wouldn't have been fair on them, me, nor the other people involved. Shame though beceause the weather has been truly beautiful today and we have been stuck at home instead of enjoying it. I have been asleep for a couple of hours with Callum and Tiegan this afternoon, so the three of us are feeling a little more refreshed now, I'm just hoping for a better nights sleep tonight, and a better day tomorrow :o)


  1. oh poor kids. Hope they both feel better soon.


  2. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Oh no! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  3. Get better soon. xxxxxx

  4. Anonymous6:15 am

    Sounds pretty much like our weekend, B and J have had bad colds too. Hope everyone feels better soon. Lou