Thursday, August 02, 2007


We had a really lovely day yesterday. We left the house early (for us) and headed to a local park to meet up with friends. I had a lovely time catching up with someone that means a great deal to me, and the children had a wonderful time with their friends. Time whizzed by so quickly as it often does when having fun, and it was soon time to leave and head for home. I then cleaned out the biggest of the rat cages, whilst Chelsea chatted to me. Always lovely to have mother and daughter time with my eldest. She is growing up so quickly and I notice changes in her almost daily.

We have been planning to have a room re-arrange, and to move the girls into a bigger bedroom. The current set up means that my craft room is at the bottom of the house, only accessible by going outside. I always feel a little uncomfortable working at night time, even though dh is always in the house and I have the monitor on. It feels a little inconvenient too, as I have to keep going indoors to settle Callum, or answer the phone when I have forgotten to take it out with me.

So, my current craft room will soon be the school room. My new craft room will be the girls current bedroom, and their new bedroom will be bigger and hopefully easier to keep tidy. Well, I can dream....

They are very excited about moving, and we are off to choose paint later. We are staying with the lilac colour though as we still want to use their current curtains and bedding.

I was up at 4.30am thanks to Callum. The poor love is going through a really unsettled phase at night. I couldn't get back to sleep after settling him again and so thought I would have PC time instead. The desktop won't boot up for some unknown reason, so I am using the laptop. If we can't get the desktop to work, then I won't be around much as the laptop is usually taken over by dh and he is home off work for the next fortnight. Still, it will do me good in a way as I have so much I want to do and so much planning for the new "school term" that I want to complete. The computer only tends to get in the way as it is so easy to get sidetracked.

Plans for today.
- Go and buy paint and picture frames for the girls new room.
- Take bookshelf and books down to the school room.
- Help Joseph find and identify the birds of prey he has been so interested in recently.
- Continue planning the next phase of "school work".
- Enjoy time with the children!


  1. We all had a wonderful time at the park with you all.
    Hope you enjoy getting stuck into the girls' bedroom and have a wonderful time with L off work.
    Looking forward to seeing you all soon. x

  2. Hope the moving rooms went well. My room was lilac when I was a teenager, very peaceful. The boys' schoolroom is also lilac - could do with another coat already though...


  3. Love your new blog layout (well new since I last had time to go round the 'ring :) )

  4. Just found this blog via your craft blog which I discovered from a comment left on Engineered Expressions. We, also, "homeschool" my DD age 10 and DD age 3 gets to enjoy the experience, as well. I am so pleased to find your blog to see how "things" are done in other parts of the world.