Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brief Catch Up

On Saturday we went to Newton Abbot, and got stuck in the chaos caused by roadworks. Who on earth thought that digging up a road in the middle of the town, right next to 2 main carparks and the bus station, with a 3-way traffic light system that didn't work as there were 2 other roads not controlled, on the busiest day of the week, well it's beyond me! I know that there were lots of angry exchanges, plenty of carhorn beeping, and lots of people thinking they knew best on how to solve the situation. Oh dear.

Sunday was much more pleasant, apart from the parking situation in the two towns we wanted to visit. The first was Brixham, where we eventually managed to park, but not until we had watched an elderly chap manage to wedge his car stuck fast on the kerb as he tried to turn a corner too sharply. Luckily it was a small car and was able to be lifted free by helpful occupants of other cars. Brixham was as lovely as ever though, and Callum loved watching the people catching crabs and seeing the boats.

After Brixham, we headed onto Dartmouth which was just as busy and the carparks just as full. Fortunately we managed to find a space after much searching and asking a policeman :o) More boats were found, including this rather spectacular specimen...

We also saw these cottages (in the background) and Callum was convinced they were from the show Balamory due to their bright colours.

Monday, we went to Trago and ventured around the animal section. Loved the new piggies they have on loan at the moment, and got rather attached to a beautiful goat who came over to say hello. When we got home, we found all of our old board games which hadn't been unpacked since we moved here. The kids loved playing them all again, and many hours of Uno, Cluedo, Twister Moves, Scrabble and Whatever Next ensued.

Today has been a little eventful, starting off when Kira found this little chap in our garden...

It was a little chaotic to say the least, but the bunny is safe and well. The only cage I had big enough to keep in him was being occupied by two rats, so I had to have a re-shuffle around much to their disgust! Hopefully it will only be a temporary measure as we have put up posters around the village, so I'm sure that the bunny (which the children are calling Stanley) will be returned to its rightful owner soon.

At one point during the chaos we thought we had lost Kira (something which those that know her will find unbelievable I know, when you think that I can't even go to the loo without her being with me lol). We think that she was still looking for the bunny, and had managed to jump into the garden at the back of us. Poor love couldn't jump back over to us, despite her efforts when she heard my calls.

I then noticed that she had something wrong with her eye, and despite me having a good look and washing it, it still seemed to be causing her discomfort. I checked out the vets opening times and found that it didn't open until 2pm, so searched for others in the area, but they were the same or later. Of course they opened for emergencies, but I didn't think Kira's trouble warranted emergency consultation nor emergency costs! We decided to take the children and Kira over to my parents house, thinking that we would stop off at the vets on the way home when they were open.

After about 20 minutes of us being there, Kira's eye was looking a whole lot better. It seems that her being distracted by the excitement of being at my parents (she totally adores them!) had meant that her eye had time to sort itself and it stopped weeping and she stopped winking :o) All that worry for nothing. We came home and I washed it again, but it is showing no signs of abnormality now. I'm quite glad that the vets were closed (despite cursing at the time!) It's saved us a bit of cash.

I had hoped that someone would have got in touch about the rabbit by now, but no, it looks as though we have him here for the night. Hopefully we will fair better tomorrow.


  1. it sounds like bunny Stanley might have adopted you :)

  2. Beautiful photos Jules, all sounds wonderful.:-)

  3. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Awww, he's lovley :0)

  4. Hellooooooooooooo, just checking in that all's well as it's been a while. :-)


  5. how did you go on? did you found bunny's mum and dad?