Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charity Shops :o)

Oh it has been so long! So long since I was able to trundle around charity shops looking for bargains :o) It used to be a regular occurance for me, to coincide with our HE group visits. Since we stopped going to groups, the charity shop visits stopped too. I made up for it yesterday though, and came home with a nice little stash of books and games. We bought a Junior Pictionary game, but it didn't have instructions. A quick looksie on the internet this morning has rectified that problem. We also bought "Pop to the Shops" which the younger ones are very much enjoying. A couple of bargain books including ones about Ancient Greeks, and Vikings. Oh, and "The Silver Sword" which ties in ever so nicely to our ongoing World War 2 theme.

Before we went out in the morning we did our maths, and then read a couple of books, noted here for own record:

- That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell (we really liked this one, as we could do lots of silly voices *grin*)

- Little Albatross by Michael Morpurgo

We read another chapter of The Earth Giant too.

I'm glad we had done "work" before our shopping spree, as I was hit by a huge migraine attack when we got home. It was the first migraine since being on the medication to quash them, and was the worst I have had for a long long time, with sickness, visuals, light sensitivity, and banging headache. I don't want another one like that for a long time thankyou! The kids were very good though and just played with the pop to the shops game, and entertained themselves. Chelsea was being a little Florence Nightingale looking after me. Very cute.


  1. The charity shop shopping sounds fab! Well done for all your bargains. We picked up a Tomar 'fruit powered clock' yesterday, brand new still in plastic bags etc and only 50p. The boys can't wait to get started now so its off to buy some lemons, lol!

    Sorry you had another migraine attack - poor thing ((hugs)).

    Hope to see you soon, Lxx

  2. hiya darling, love your pic , lovely to put your face to your name :)
    migraine , awful , hugs xx

  3. lol - I remember your charity shop days! That silver sword book sound familiar, I'll have to see if our library has it.