Thursday, September 06, 2007

Easing in.

We have been slowly easing back into our "school" routine this week. On Monday we had a few errands to run, which we combined with a trip to the library to stock up on books for the week. Tuesday was spent sorting and cleaning the school room out, and we were able to squeeze in some ground work for an upcoming visit. Wednesday was good, with some maths practice, reading, and long discussions about faith and religions. I love hearing my childrens' point of view on things, and it certainly was an eye-opening conversation.

Today we have more work planned, with maths and handwriting practice, followed by history and then something of the childrens choice. We also have to go shopping in order to buy lunch for tomorrow as we are out and about.

It looks as if we are in for another glorious day. The sun is shining through the window as I type, so I think our reading will be taking place outside today :o)


  1. Would be too hot for reading indoors :)

  2. Oh indeed. We sat on the trampoline and read *grin*