Saturday, September 15, 2007


Couldn't think of a title, can you tell?

After the shock of losing Mickey the cockatiel in the morning, the rest of the day passed uneventfully thank goodness. We obviously had tears (from me and the children) when I told them the news, but we were soon back into the swing of our day.

We did our normal maths and handwriting in the morning, and then the children did their individual projects whilst I cleaned out the animals cages. 4 rat cages, 3 rabbit/guinea pig hutches, and 2 bird cages (so sad not to be putting Mickey back in his) later, and we settled down to reading time.

Once that was done, Joseph and Tiegan did some drawing, whilst Chelsea continued with her cross-stitching. She is having a go at producing a little cross-stitched teddybear picture and she is very much enjoying doing it, I'm really pleased with her patience.

After dinner, Chelsea went to Scouts where they did Orienteering and received the new planner for the term. Lots of great things going on, including a cultures evening, night walks, and other things that I can't remember without looking at the plan.


  1. Scouts sounds like fun.

    The boys are both going to be doing that too once we are settled. They used to do cubs but it was right over the other side of town and too far on the cold wet winter nights.

  2. Chelsea adores scouts. We are lucky in that the hut is very close to where we are and the group has such great leaders who plan interesting things to do.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cockatiel and accident - hope things get happier soon.