Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh dear :o(

I've just done my morning check of all the animals and found our cockatiel has died. I had a feeling something wasn't right as his noisy chirping hadn't greeted me as I opened the door. I'm not looking forward to telling the children. Even less so because there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.

Yesterday started off well, but ended up not so well. In the morning we did our usual maths work, and read a chapter of The Earth Giant. We then played Pop to the Shops but I changed it a little for the older ones so they had to use their brains a little more. Then my mum and dad came over for a visit, and I put some photos on to a CD for them. Photos are so important aren't they? I am feeling that more than ever right now, finding that I want to remember so many things, so many people.

Once my parents had headed back home, we all snuggled on to our bed and looked at 2 books. The first was about Greek Heroes and Monsters, which of course grabbed Joseph's attention right away. The second was an Ancient Greeks Activity Book, from the British Museum Press. Then it happened. Whilst I was reading, Callum was doing his usual looking at cars routine from the window. He is obsessed with cars at the moment, and loves naming the colours or shouting out about the passing motorbikes, caravans, lorries, or "nee-naas" as he calls them. He had walked over to look at the book, and was walking back to the window when he tripped and fell. Bang! That was his mouth against the windown sill. I rushed over, to be greeted by blood everywhere. I thought he had caused a nose-bleed as it was dripping such alot, but instead he had knocked his front teeth. They had moved very slightly, but the blood loss looked immense. My heart was racing and i had a sick feeling in my stomach. Chelsea was stunned and didn't know what to do, Joseph started to cry with panic. I managed to console Callum enough for him to let me sort things out, and assured Chelsea and Joseph that things were okay. I felt so sick in the stomach afterwards though I found it difficult to concentrate on the other things we had planned, so after listening to everyone reading, they went off for free time whilst I recuperated with a cuppa, after I had cleaned up the beige carpet of course....


  1. oh gosh poor callum , how awful . Naomi did that when she was 3 , she trpped over Ted and broke her two front teeth - eugh. Makes you feel faint doesn't it. I hjope he's ok.
    love your pic, repeating myself I know , but it is lovely to be able to see you aswell as read you ;-)

  2. Oh Jules, poor little mite. I know first hand how scary it is to see all that blood too, (ever seen the scar of Joshua's forehead?) well done for keeping it together girl!

    Sorry to hear about the bird too, I know how attached you were to it. :-(

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your cockatiel - they're such personalities :0)

    I hope Callum is feeling better - banged mouths really do bleed - Ted managed to fall on his today and the blood was pouring, it makes it difficult to see if there's any further damage!

    I hope his teeth aren't too bad and he's not too sore.

  4. Poor Callum. Mouth accidents seem so scary because there is just SO MUCH BLOOD! I hope he is ok now and that your nerves have steadied.

  5. Anonymous10:18 am

    sorry about your cockatiel, very sad.

    Poor Callum and you, Mx fell and banged his lips and nose a few weeks ago, lots of blood everywhere :0( he recovered a lot quicker than Me!!