Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Parents home and nature explorations :o)

On Monday my mum and dad arrived home from their holiday in Spain. Their trip away was shorter this year, but Callum missed them dreadfully and talked about them everyday. He greeted them home with open arms and didn't stop chattering to them the whole time we were at their house.

We spent much of Tuesday in local fields and woodlands. Can you believe that these views...

are just a 5 minute walk from here? People often think that Kingskerswell just consists of an infamous main road, which has been the subject of many local and national "bypass or no bypass" battles over the years. Even many of the locals don't realise just how much Kingskerswell has to offer, and we got many strange looks when we mentioned we were moving here. Hidden away is a park, with play area and football and cricket pitches (is it known as a cricket pitch? No probably not, but I'm not up on my cricketing knowledge. Must find that out.) There are also large woodland areas and an excellent space left natural, just perfect for walking, picnics and what we were doing yesterday, nature studies. Add these to the local amenities, such as shops, post office, hairdressers, churches, a library, and of course a school, and it all makes living here very pleasurable indeed.

Kingskerswell advert over, back to our walk yesterday. We all went (dog included) to the local woodlands and fields to see what we could find. I wanted the children to draw what we came across and they ended up with sketches of flowers, trees, insects, and leaves. They also brought a few leaves home for leaf-rubbing. They had taken their clipboards and Chelsea got stopped by a passer-by and asked if she was there due to a classroom project. Fortunately the home-ed reply was well received. I took some pictures of various flora and fauna for them to try to identify on our return.

A few pictures of our day...

Tiegan absolutely adored it, and out of the 3 older ones, was the most enthusiastic, trying to draw every thing she saw :o)

When we got home we read various books (listed here for own record).
- Greyfriars Bobby by Ruth Brown.
- Rainy Day by Emma Haughton
- The Roses in My Carpets by Rukhsana Khan (lovely book written about child refugees)
- The Story of Daniel in the Lions Den by Michael McCarthy (Barefoot Books. We really liked the rhyming text to this one)
We also read another chapter of The Earth Giant.
Joseph went off to Scouts (where they went to where we had walked to play wide games and make trails). Last week they had gone to Watcombe beach and started work on gaining the nature badge.
Today will be identification and write up about yesterdays walk, reading, supermarket, library, maths, and hopefully a charity shop walkabout :o)


  1. Wow! That sounds like an incredibly busy day! Love the photo of Tiegan.

    How is Joe enjoying scouts?

    Lin xx

  2. I love the photo's of your day. Its been a long time since I went to Kingskerswell last, sounds like it has improved a lot.

  3. what beautiful views! Sounds like a great day.