Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Romans

We have had a lovely day today, and didn't have to travel far either. We headed across to Torquay as we had been told about a Roman re-enactment group holding an event there this weekend.

It was fun and informative, really bringing history to life. The group gave talks about slavery, surgery, and midwifery, as well as the usual "preparing for battle" chat. My eldest three were engrossed by it all, although little Callum just wanted to climb under the guide ropes and join in with the marching!

A few pictures from the day:

Whilst in Torquay we made the most of our visit by having a stroll along the seafront and down by the harbour. We saw and identified a few fish, and lots of crabs. Callum was highly excited by all the boats and shouted loudly every time he saw one. Considering it is a very busy harbour and marina, that was quite often :o)
It was a very pleasant family day, and the weather was kind to us too.


  1. What a great day you had! I tought history to a class of year 3's for a year and they loved the Romans so much. They would have loved this.

  2. Looks brilliant Jules! :-)