Saturday, September 01, 2007

September already...

Oh how time has flown. We are all ready for the new term to begin, and have lots of projects planned.

Yesterday we were looking after 2 children for the day so I had 6 children for 12 hours. Phew, as much as I enjoyed having them here, I did feel a sense of relief when they went home again. Something about having responsibility for someone else's most precious "possessions" that means I just can't relax, particularly when they are trying our brand new trampoline out for size. Yes, we have succumbed to the trend, albeit very late, and bought a huge trampoline. 12ft to be exact. We love it, and also love the fact that it only cost us £40 in the B&Q sale. Bargain. Today has been spent with lots of jumping time, along with ambling along the countrylanes in search of blackberries. Coupled with apples from our tree, a nice crumble will be enjoyed tomorrow :o)

I am planning to go back to the daily blogging again. I think I have had enough time away now.


  1. Oh, you've changed your look again! Nice to see you back. What a bargain with the trampoline - they are such great fun aren't they? We all love using ours.


  2. Trampolines are great although I feel lucky that we haven't the space for one but yours was a bargain.

  3. It'll be good to have you properly back, I've missed you.