Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A round up...

Well apart from Tiegan getting a mild bout of Chicken Pox, and Callum refusing to sleep more than 3 hours a night, things are going well *yawn*. We have now got the "school room" upstairs, which is much warmer than our old school room, and seems to work well for us all.

Work wise, I have been concentrating on Chelsea's maths. She has had a real fear of the subject after receiving many negative comments about her mathematical ability at school. I think that it may always be an area in which she struggles with, but I have seen definite improvements in her attitude towards it, which is positive. I'm going to look at getting some sort of outside help for her when she feels ready, in quite what form I am unsure.

Alongside the mathematics we have been to the cinema courtesy of Film Education, reading (lots) and starting a few family projects. One project is about electricity after Tiegan showed a lot of interest in finding out more, and another is about Worldwide Landmarks, a topic sparked from various tv programmes the children have been watching. I love our way of working, with no hard and fast plans, and our go with the flow educating style. I have been contacted by a few families new to home-educating recently and the usual questions have been asked like "how do you do things" and "how do you home-ed with the different ages". It really makes me stop and think and realise how well we work together as a family unit. As I'm chatting on the phone or typing email replies, I feel quite a sense of pride that we have finally found something that works for us. It has only taken us 4 and a half years :o)

In other news, we have new tenants for the house nextdoor. Although strictly speaking they aren't moving in until the middle of November, they are busy decorating and cleaning for much of the time so it feels as if we have neighbours already. They have children, a few of which have grown up and moved out, but we will have the pleasure of having 2 girls living next door, one aged 2 and the other 10. We actually have the 10 year old here playing as I type :o)

We still have the stray rabbit that appears to be a long term resident. Dh has made a hutch, so it has to stay now :o) It's so sad to think of it being unwanted though, and the feelers are still out to find it's owner, all attempts have been unsuccessful so far, and it doesn't seem as if the owner wishes to be found. Our pet count is back up to 16.

Well, I'm off to cook dinner and then make a start of some poster displays I want to make.


  1. Good to see you back Jules. :-)

    Pity we don't live closer, the boys love maths and its really hard not to catch their enthusiasm. Shame they are not quite as keen on Geography and history, lol! ;-)

    Loved the whole film ed experience this year, we went 'out of town' to watch and it definitely paid off as it was a much nicer time, not least cos we could make a day of it. :-)

    That bunny us very lucky that it was you who found him, still can't believe the owners didn't come forward.

    Lovely to see you so positive hun, :-)

  2. Hmm, the same could be said of your positivity hun :o)

    Oh, and move closer!

  3. Oh don't get me started on what schools do to maths! Grrrrr! Hope the damage can be undone without too much trouble.