Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spooky Stuff :o)

Chelsea went to a Halloween Party last night, and of course, dressing up was compulsory.

My beautiful darling daughter went from this:

To this...

Apparently the effort was worth it as she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We have been doing a little fun stuff about Halloween, drawing pictures and making decorations. Chelsea also wrote this poem.

The Night of the Living Dead :o)
While Edna is rocking and rolling tonight,
Frank Stien is giving people a fright.
Aggy is deciding what to wear,
while Bobby is trying but failing to scare.
Jenna is eating a jelly brain,
whilst Alan is wishing for it to rain.
This night was organised by fred,
this is the night of the living dead!


  1. Aw, she's beautiful! Glad she had a fab time. :-)

    Lovely poem too.

  2. Wow - she looks just like Lily from the Munsters!! :-D

    Hope you all had a great Halloween. xxx

  3. She looks great....:0)

    BW's, Shirley

  4. Great poem and great costume :-)