Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm here!

Goodness, things have been very busy here. Along with the "schoolwork" we have had hospital visits, chickenpox, a tabletop sale, sleepovers, a remembrance parade, and today a visit from the nice LEA lady.

Workwise we have started on various projects, one of which is "Global Education" starting with Fairtrade. We are building up a display which currently looks like this...

All is going rather swimmingly here at the moment. Perhaps I shouldn't really tempt fate in saying that. Still, I would like to be able to look back and think of the good times as well as the often blogged bad times, so I won't change it.

I have had a long chat with Joseph's speech therapist and she said that there was no need for her to see him again unless I feel otherwise. I did say that I would like her to see him just one more time in about 6 months or so, when (or if?) he cracks the final letter sound he is struggling with. Both Chelsea and Joseph are still thoroughly enjoying going to their Scouts/Cubs each week. Chelsea was heavily involved in organising the tabletop sale they held last Satuday, and I think it was a success so she should be proud of herself. Both enjoyed being part of this years remembrance parade.

Tiegan is fast growing into a little lady, and she brings a smile to our faces every day. She is naturally shy by nature, but once she feels comfortable she is sure able to let everyone know whom she thinks is boss ;o) Callum is still quite the little sweetheart. His speech is developing rapidly, and his current obsession is Thomas the Tank Engine. He knows the names of many of the characters and I often stand corrected whilst playing with him. I just love the "starting to talk" stage. The learning of new words and phrases often has us smiling. The latest phrase is "you're welcome" everytime someone says thank you :o)

I'm off to catch up on some other blogs now and see how everyone else has been doing. I'm hoping that apart from the Christmas preparations, things will calm down enough now for me to become a regular blogger again!


  1. Glad to hear of the good times! Sorry about the sleep deprivation though :O( my (now) 5 year old was like that at 2.. it did get better, but he still didn't go all through a normal length night until he was nearer to three. I'll think of you tonight, when I'm up! Thanks for the hug, and ((hugs)) back to you too.

  2. You all sound so happy it's lovely :) everso pleased for you :)

  3. ooh ps that's me
    dawniy x

  4. Sounds great Jules. :-)

    Tiegan shy??? Really?, she's just cute and gorgeous. ;-)

    Looking forward to a more regular read, lol! Your blog always gives me so much inspiration. :-)