Friday, November 23, 2007

Mum to a 12 year old...

Sounds pretty scary to me. Chelsea is 12 today. Where have all the years gone?

We have had a very relaxed sort of a day, starting off with Chelsea opening her lovely cards and presents. She had actually had her main present from us on Wednesday, when we went and bought a much wanted beautiful budgie. He is being kept in quarantine at the moment (ie, in Chelsea's bedroom), but in a few weeks time he will be introduced to our other budgie.

Once all of the gifts openings were out of the way, we had a trip to Tescos where I could show everyone what an awfully disorganised mum I am, and buy food for the party lunch. It wasn't really a party as such, just a picky lunch with my parents and a birthday cake. Next year we will have a proper celebration to welcome (ha ha) the teenage years. Tescos was busy, far too busy for my liking. I did have a nice chat with the lady on the checkout about home-education though, all very positive and she relayed a few stories that left me feeling thankful that my children weren't part of the school system.

Headed for home, and the party cooking and baking started and soon had the kitchen spelling divine. Whilst waiting for everything to cook, Chelsea went online and viewed the many e-cards and birthday wishes that she had received. She tried to mail the senders to say thanks, but a couple got returned as undeliverable. I really appreciate the effort that so many people made, so thank you.

Once my parents arrived the feast began, and we had a lovely time chattering and stuffing ourselves full of (ahem, rather unhealthy) goodies.

Chelsea is going to Scouts tonight, and is looking forward to sharing part of her birthday with her friends there.

Yesterday we had a lovely day with friends at a local park. Our children get on very well and it is always wonderful to see them so relaxed in each others company. It also means that us mums can sit and have a good ol' natter. I got given some gorgeous flowers and choccies, which made the day even better :o)


  1. ...and you deserved the chocs and flowers :-)

    So glad that Chelsea had a special day. Looking forward to seeing you soon. x

  2. Happy Birthday Chelsea! I hope she had a lovely day and the budgie settles in without any problems. A friend of ours in Greece had a baby girl today too ;)


  3. Oooh, hello Anna, nice to "see you here". I've just glanced at your blog and am off to read more now :o)

    Emma, thank you sweetheart, we are looking forward to seeing you too.

  4. belated happy birthday Chelsea.

  5. I'm glad she had a good day. :-)

    I hate Tesco at this time of year,all those people pushing and shoving, and the queues...arggggh!

  6. ps, thanks for the birthday ecard, I've just seen it now. :-)