Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nearly Christmas!

The excitement is building up here as Christmas fast approaches. Callum is loving all of the usual signs of the holiday, but refuses to call Father Christmas anything other than "The Christmas Man". Very cute. Already we are seeing a few houses with their decorations up, and the children are planning night-time walks to soak up that festive feeling.

We haven't been up to anything other than the usual mundane stuff. Lots of reading, a fair bit of writing (although admittedly mostly in the form of Christmas wish lists!), library visits, arts and crafts, baking, and documentary watching.

I'm falling into a rather nice routine of crafting in the evening when the children are in bed (although Callum inevitably gets up to join me and ends up falling asleep on the sofa) At the moment I have a couple of knitted items on the go, and a few work in progress pieces for my Etsy shop which is looking rather sparse at the moment. I'm also searching for ideas for presents I can make, particularly for my parents. I'm trying to give as many handmade presents as possible this year, I just need ideas. One thing that has been lovely, is that my crafting is inspiring Chelsea to do more. She has started to show an interest in knitting again, so I'm quite looking forward to teaching her again. I'm not sure if looking forward to is quite the right term to use, as our previous attmepts have often ended in frustration and loss of patience (hers not mine!) but we shall see.


  1. we're doing crafty stuff for pressies this year too Jules.
    we're crocheting and lavender cushion making. We're making fimo jewellery and fimo little dangly bits to go on mobile phones.
    i'm so slow at knitting!

  2. Crafty ideas for Christmas is one of my ambitions for the future as the children get older and are more able to do things. I think I'm going to get them making chocolate truffles for presents for grandparents.

    Also, we're getting Flopsy a knitting fork for Christmas - from Myriad - as she's so keen on a knitting nancy but really not old enough to manage it. Apparently knitting forks are easier... In the meantime, I'm desperately trying to finish a jumper I started for Mopsy about 10 months ago before she'll be too big for it LOL!