Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday comes and goes....

Today has seemingly whizzed passed. It's getting dark so early now, it's quite sad really. Another good day to record though, so I'll get on with it, with the rather nice smell of homemade Leek and Potato soup wafting through the house as I type.

The postman has bought me a lot of rather nice goodies for me to play with. I won a little competition on a crafting blog and my prize arrived today. I also received some ATC cards, which are lovely. I am also a very happy bunny as all the Christmas presents that I ordered for the kids have arrived. Since having a real fiasco one year waiting for presents that were ordered in October not arriving until 23rd December, I always fret at this time of year. Each year I promise myself that I won't order online, but each year I get tempted by the online bargains, and the thought of having to traipse through the streets loaded with bags and fighting exhaustively through the crowds fills me with dread.

This morning our work started by going through what we have learnt about Fairtrade so far and in particular Fairtrade chocolate. I asked Chelsea to explain to Tiegan what it was all about, and then Tiegan had great pleasure in showing how clever she was by relaying all the information to her dad. I was reminded of how we used to stand up in front of the class at school and do our oral communication work, whilst the rest stifled giggles and tried their hardest to distract the speaker.

Chelsea then got out the French textbook along with the Usborne French set and sat and worked through a bit of each. Tiegan coloured in some Christmas decorative angels and santas. She wants to string them all together to make hanging decorations.

Once lunch was over and done with, I got on with setting up a blog for each of the girls. They both want to join the Our Space Blog Ring so I had strict instructions to sort blogs out for them :o) Whilst I was organising that, Chelsea was reading through Little Women, only stopping to make sure she could choose the blog template. I also set up a blog for Joe as I knew that he would want one too.

My parents then arrived, bringing Joseph, who had been with them since Saturday. My children do love getting the individual time that their Nanna and Grandad can provide, and very much look forward to their turns to stay there. They usually go for 2 nights at a time. The house always feels so strange when there are only 3 children here instead of 4, and it takes a bit of getting used to even now.

We had a lovely chat and cuppa break with my parents, talking about (of course) I'm a Celebrity amongst other things. After waving them off (with them taking Tiegan this time), we headed off to the library for book hunting, and then the shop for dinner hunting.

Chelsea has fed and watered all of the animals, whilst I prepared dinner. (which is still smelling rather yummy I must admit).

Tonight Joseph is off to Cub Scouts, where they are going to the local church and trying their hand at bell ringing. I've got an online "meeting" (doesn't that sound posh!) for a card making design team I have been selected for. After that is done and dusted, I hope to continue sorting out our home-education stuff whilst I have the enthusiasm for doing so. I know that once December starts, we will be swallowed up with all that is Christmas and the home-education thing will be lost until January. I'm hoping to sort out many of our plans and resources for the coming year, so I don't find myself trying to organise it all on New Years Eve, as I did last time around! **Makes a note to buy a couple of diaries**

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  1. Glad I'm not the only I'm a Celebrity watcher, lol!

    Good to see you over at the SHE yahoo group hun, would you like to add your blog to the Structured HE blogring too, the more the merrier and we'd love to have you (the children can join too if they wish).

    I must tell the boys that yours have blogs again, it may just get them to write theirs! (rolls eyes).