Friday, November 16, 2007

Broody? Moi?? Erm....

We were supposed to be going to meet some Home-Edding friends today, but Chelsea has been up in the night with sickness, and I have spent the night playing nurse and changing sheets. Still, a day indoors doesn't sound too bad when you think of how cold it is! Chelsea is still tucked up in bed feeling sorry for herself, so I think I may get the others started on a Christmas Card production line.

I'm having a bit of a break from cardmaking at the moment, and trying my hand at knitting again. When I have been pregnant with each of my children, out the knitting needles have came and I have made cute little cardies and hats. Once they have got too big for me to have the patience to knit for, the needles have gone away and been forgotten.

I now have another excuse to pick them up though, as Tiegan is getting a Chou Chou doll for Christmas. Last night I got started on a little matinee jacket, choosing yellow wool (as it's Tiegan's favourite colour, wouldn't be my first choice). It was lovely to sit watching TV whilst click-clacking away, it made me think I really should do it more often. It also made me feel incredibly broody, which was really strange. I had really thought that 4 was it for me. I have held newborn babies without that usual pang, I have been able to look at cutsie baby clothes without feeling the need to have a baby to put them on. I was pleased to think that that I had known when the time to stop had come, and to lose that constant wanting feeling was a relief. Now I'm confused, and I'm really not sure that my baby days are as over as I thought they were. I wonder...


  1. LOL! We'll be waiting with baited breath for a pregnancy announcement then over the next few months? ;-)

    I always find broodiness is a strange thing - I either feel it when I didn't expect to or don't feel it when I had previously thought I would! Cotton-tail came later than we'd thought simply because we didn't feel broody when we'd 'planned' to IYSWIM. Then I thought three was it and there was no way we were having any more...guess who's having a coil removed next week ;-)

  2. oo-er!!
    The moses basket will be handed back to you next week sweetie. Perhaps it won't be empty for too long then? ;-)

  3. Go For it, If I could I would carry on and on and on unfortunately my body disagrees with pregancy! at 35 I've had 3 so I consider myself very lucky!

  4. I know that feeling well. So we'll all be waiting with baited breath then,lol.

  5. Sorry to hear Chelsea has been poorly. Also sorry to take so long to reply to your email, no idea where my mind is at the moment, lol!

    Maybe the knitting just stirred up memories...

    Like the others, I'll be waiting with bated breath, lol! ;-)

  6. lol love it :o) maybe broody hens get pot eggs to sit on , maybe we need chou chou dolls *wink

    d xx