Monday, December 17, 2007

All coming along nicely...

I have been having a good think about things over the past few days, and decided that changes needed to be made. I know that I spend far too much time on the PC, so I have re-focused my priorities and slimmed down my commitments. The biggest time hogger was the local Freecycle list that I was co-owner of. People just don't realise all that goes on behind the scenes so to speak. It isn't just about approving and deleting messages. There are queries to be answered, arguments to be defused, and many moans to be addressed. Goodness, we even got threatened with legal action *rolls eyes*. I am still a firm believer in what Freecycle stands for, but when volunteering begins to inflict on time spent with your family, enough is enough. Since standing down I have felt a real sense of relief. I no longer feel guilty for not going on the computer, and indeed I have no *need* to go on the computer at all. Freedom :o)

We went to my brothers house yesterday evening for an early Christmas celebration. My brother works on the oil rigs and will be away for Christmas this year. His life has changed dramatically recently, as his girlfriend and her two children moved in with him. He understandably wanted to share a family Christmas before he went. Sadly before we left home, we went to feed the animals and settle them for the night and discovered Lennon, one of our rescue rats had died. Joseph was devastated as we had always said that Lennon belonged to him (and he had named him), and it was difficult for any of us to get into the party mood after that. That said, we still had a lovely time, properly meeting my brothers girlfriends' parents, and all playing on the Nintendo Wii. What a great ice-breaker that is! We *NEED* one. Pressies were exchanged (but not opened), and food and drink merrily consumed.

Today we hit the town for (hopefully) the last time before Christmas. I think we have got all the presents bought and wrapped, except two which we had to order and are hoping will arrive before the big day. It won't be a huge big deal if they are late though, so I'm not fretting about it. We do need to pop to Tescos though to buy a bit of food and the all important birthday cakes though, but I quite enjoy festive food buying so look forward to it every year.


  1. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Awww its always sad when a pet dies :0(

    wrt kitten/s we've got 7 cats of various ages... 5 of them are from the CPL (Cats Protection) personally I would buy form pet shop, there are loads of cats/kittens in shelters who need a good home :0)

    lol word veri cmt eeow!!! ;0)

  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    that should be I would'nt buy from a pet shop...

  3. Sorry to read about Joe's ratty.

    Glad you managed to enjoy the afternoon with your brother though. It all sounds very festive. :-)


  4. Chelsea10:18 am

    I prefer Christmas food shopping too. Loads of people bashed into me yesterday. One woman pushed passed me and I got bashed by her basket *winces when remembering*

    Owwwwwwww. Still, I enjoyed the Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch
    love Chelsea xxx

  5. sorry to hear about the rat, but glad you had a chance for a good time with your brother.

    We want a WII too, but can't see it happening! Even though I've decided it can be bought from the "educational budget" ;0)

    Am I the only one who hasn't got the Christmas shopping all sorted yet?! Mind you, I posted some Christmas cards today, which is 4 days earlier than they were posted last year!