Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cute Kitties

We attempted to go shopping yesterday. The plan was to buy the remaining Christmas presents, and get the job done and finished. Hmmm. We failed dismally. We didn't buy one single thing. Whoops, I fib. We bought 3 tacky Christmas hats. Chelsea and Joseph are bag packing at the local supermarket tomorrow to raise money for their Scout group, and they want to look a little festive for the occasion.

Whilst out, we checked out the pet shops for Budgies. Both Tiegan and Joe want to follow in Chelsea's footsteps and have their own budgie for their birthday. One pet shop had some nice birds, but they were different prices depending on their colour (?!) If you wanted a green one, it was £12.99, whilst a blue one was £16.99, and any other colour were more. I can't see how they can charge different prices just based on colour. Are they saying that the blue ones are better than the greens? I'm not supporting that kind of pet shop thank you. Another pet shop had two (oh far too cute) kittens for sale. They were in a cage and it was horrid to see. They were very young, both black, with clearly different personalities visable just by watching them for 5 minutes. One was curious, fussy, friendly, and wanting attention. The other sat back and watched, preferring its sibling for comfort. How we didn't walk out with them I will never know, I came sooooo close to asking about them! We have always said that we would never have cats whilst we live on this very busy main road. I think that had something to do with the reason why they are still in that cage, that and not wanting to support the sale of cats in pet shops. I can't help wondering if having a cat here would be alright though. There are many cats around us (the house on one side has had one for years, the house on the other has 4, the 2 lots of previous tenants both had 2 each, with no problems). Hmm, will think about it. Needless to say, we didn't return with any budgies. The kittens had captured our hearts. Callum and Chelsea were particularly taken by them.

We are going to go to my brothers for a "pretend" Christmas tomorrow. My brother is working away at Christmas this year, so he is organising a little family get together before he leaves. Obviously the kids are looking forward to it, and I'm hoping it will give the camera a decent trial run before the proper big day :o)

We have treated the kids to an early Christmas present, in the form of a new laptop. We had a long chat with them yesterday, talking about our expectations for our home-education lifestyle, and I have relaxed the no playstation until after dinner rule. I am feeling very positive about our plans for the new year, my head is in a good place at the moment. This morning Joe enjoyed time on the playstation, whilst Chelsea has been on the laptop. Now we are settled to watch the first part of Noah's Ark, a film on Channel 5.

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  1. Linda8:37 am

    I hope you enjoy your early Christmas celebrations with your brother today. It's a funny thing but my sister is coming over later today to do much the same thing, lol! (although we will just exchange pressies not open them).

    The pet shop sounds mad! Have you no local breeders for the budgies?

    We missed Noah's ark as we had visitors but did watch Gremlins after they'd gone home. The bit when the awful woman goes out through the roof off her stair lift still has me in stitches! ;-) I do love it when a 'baddy' gets what's coming to them in films, lol!