Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More sad news...

We have had another loss of the animal variety today, this time it was Dibble, Chelsea's Guinea Pig. It came as another total shock, and we have had another day of tears and great sadness. I know that these things have to be expected, but it's still so tough.

After dealing with the loss and cleaning out cages, we were really in no mood to do anything other than curl up in front of the fire and mellow out watching TV. We watched a couple of interesting documentaries on the National Geographic channel, and then settled down to watch Mrs Santa Claus. It was a lovely feel-good Christmas film that was thoroughly enjoyed by the children (and shhh, by me too).

I have spent the evening watching the Olympia horse show on Eurosport, and finishing off a few of the "special people" Christmas cards I am giving out this year. One for my parents, one for our lovely neighbour, and one for a very close friend and her family. I haven't done any cardmaking for so long, it was quite nice to be crafting in front of the fire :o)


  1. Oh dear poor Chelsea, it's so sad when our much-loved pets die. Hugs to her form all of us here.

    Thank you also for all the birthday ecards we received this morning. M loved them. :-)

  2. oops, typo!
    Form = from of course, lol!

  3. I'm going out to check our guinea pigs now. Despite putting a winter cover on the hutch I've been worrying about them getting too cold. Love to Chelsea.

  4. Thanks to you both, I'll pass on your messages to Chelsea.

    Lin, I hope M has had a great day :o)

    Sarah, we've moved our Guineas indoors due to the cold weather. I don't know why Chelsea's G-Pig died and if the cold was still a factor. I hope yours are okay.

  5. Sorry to hear your sad news. Always terrible when a much loved fury friend leaves you. Elle

  6. I just stopped by to wish Joe & Tiegan a Happy Birthday and to say I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

    Sorry to hear about Dibble.

    Love the new blog layout!

  7. Happy Birthday Joseph!

    and just in cas I don't get here on Boxing Day, Happy Birthday to Tiegan as well. have a great few days all of you xx.