Monday, December 03, 2007

Oooh, how excited am I?

I've just got my Christmas pressie, and I'm such a happy bunny. Of course I can't have it wrapped until Christmas, I need time to play and practise before the Christmas Day photo opportunities :o)

Prepare to be bored by photos...

This is a picture of Callum I took with our old digi cam a few days ago.

Bunk Beds?


  1. hehehe, lovely Jules, he's such a cutie, just look at that gorgeous cheeky grin. :)

    As for the crimble pressie, wow, you lucky lucky lady, that is a really nice looking piece of kit, looking forward to seeing many more photos now.


  2. Thanks Lin hun, you will have to have a play (with the camera, unless you want to play with Callum and his trains lol) when we next meet (soon I hope).

  3. Brilliant Christmas present - P and I are getting a similar one for our joint present too. V. excited (although P is being very naughty and trying it out now). Elle

  4. You have to try it, so you are experts with it on Christmas Day! (I keep telling my husband...)

  5. What a lovely picture ... :0)