Thursday, December 27, 2007

Starting to calm down...

Things are calming down in the household now that all the celebrations are over. I'm sure things will be hyped up again with the children being excited about welcoming the new year in a few days time, but I shall try to keep things to a minimum amount of fuss.

Today we had one of our ordinary family days, including a lovely long walk with Kira. I do love where we live, we have such a choice of walking areas including beaches, woodlands, fields, parks, and country lanes. Great dog-walking territory.

Before our walk, we headed out to Torquay. Both Tiegan and Joseph had birthday money seemingly burning a hole in their pockets and they *needed* to spend it. Actually they didn't find anything they wanted to spend it on so it is still making that hole in their pockets, but at least we tried :o) We came home and played wii games together, getting to grips with the controls by using Nintendo Play. We had ordered it instead of just buying the extra wiimote and nunchuk. We had quite a laugh playing the games. Callum loved watching people play on the fishing game, and we all laughed at Lee not having a great deal of success on the Billiard game. I liked the target practice.

I have spent the evening typing a couple of chore charts (for me and the children!) in the vain hope that we can organise ourselves better. I'm not asking them to do a huge amount, just a couple of things they are perfectly capable of doing to help me out a bit. I've also set about creating meal planners in the hope of getting to grips on our budget in 2008. I know that we waste HUGE amounts of money, especially because I traipse to the local co-op to buy our dinners each day instead of doing a weekly or fortnightly shop at the cheaper supermarkets. Of course, when I go to the co-op I see things on special offer that I wouldn't normally buy but have to because "they were cheap" or see goodies that I can't resist. Such things will be cut out and my money saved in future :o)

If anyone has any good links to frugal websites, or budgets / meal ideas for larger families I'd be most grateful. I'm hoping if I do a good enough job with the budgets and organising I'll convince myself that baby number 5 is a good idea *wink*


  1. I know how that 'holes in their pockets' thing works too, lol! J is a great saver, but M can't keep money for two minutes...

    Good luck with all the organisation, sounds very um... organised. :-)


  2. Glad you had a good Christmas. A website that comes to mind is:

    Hope this helps .... :0)

    Have a great New Year.


  3. Just wondering if Joe and Tiegan got their e-cards okay? I never got the 'viewed' notification from Hallmark so am a bit concerned they've gone astray.


  4. my Joe can't keep money for more than 2 mins - he bought himself the game of the Golden Compass today and thankfully that's all his money gone so at least he can't hassle me to go and spend it any more!

    Menu planners definitely save money, I know our shopping bill goes down when I work from a menu. I need to do it more this year as well. I've also discovered that it's far worse to go to the shops with no children in tow as I'm forever chucking extra things in the trolley as treats etc, whereas when they were with me I'd have said no to any such requests! I'm a soft touch when I'm missing them ;)

  5. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Ah I need to do this too, I'll be interested to see what you come up with :0)

  6. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Hi Jules, Thanks for visiting my blog. Just popping by to wish you all Happy New Year. Have a great 2008.


  7. Happy New Year Jules

    I tagged you (details on my blog)

    Hope you have time to play along :-)