Friday, January 04, 2008

Domestic Goddess in-training???

Domestic Goddess? Moi?? Well, maybe one in-training ;o) I have no idea how, or even why, but I have become a cleanaholic, a tidyaholic, and a cookaholic overnight. I have been on a domestic chores marathon, and have (scarily) very much enjoyed it.

Over the past few days I have thoroughly cleaned the arts and crafts room downstairs, cleaned and rearranged the school room, moved the girls back to an upstairs bedroom, scrubbed and rearranged the kitchen cupboards, and cleaned and sorted out the boys bedroom. I am up-to-date with all the washing and ironing (and put it all away instead of leaving in the usual heap), and baked cakes!!! Oh, and I'm still smiling. It's very odd, but it feels as though the more things I do, the longer the day is (in a good way). I'm managing to do all the things I want to do cleaning and baking wise, and to take the dog for a walk of an hour or more, and still having time for other things. Goodness, I've even had time to play games with the children! How does that work then? Maybe my prayers are being answered.

We had a little bit of disappointing news yesterday, when we were informed that we weren't eligible for a local allotment because we don't live in the right town. We live in what is classed as a village, but our postcode is the towns, and we use the town in our address. But we still can't get an allotment. We wanted one where we lived previously, but they had closed the plots down years ago and were battling to get them opened again. When we moved here we thought we would have more success as there are many allotment sites around this area, but our hopes were dashed yesterday with a "sorry, we can't help you" message from the allotments manager. We will obviously probe things a little further, but it looks doubtful that they will change their minds.

The meal planning is working well. We are spending about £100 a week on food and household stuff (including nappies etc) and that's it. Considering I was spending about £30 a day previously when popping to the (expensive because we can be) nearby store, and it's quite a considerable saving. Having a list and sticking to it is working well. We are into our second week now. The first we went to Tesco, but this week we did it online. I have stocked up on a few things that can be frozen for later dates, taking advantage of what's been on offer. I have been very good though and just stuck to things that we would buy anyway, and not got tempted by the treats. We have a trolley full of fruit and vegetables now, and our two fridges are looking very healthy. We are on the look out for a chest freezer so that I can start doubling up on the recipes and freezing them. See, I told you I was a domestic goddess in-training ;o)

Well I'm off as I have more things to do. We are settling back into our school routine on Monday, so I'm busy preparing for that.

Oh, and before anyone comments about my changes being due to being pregnant, you're wrong (I think!) We are still pondering on that one :o)

In reply to Lin, here is my list:

New Year Resolutions 2008
I want to...

- Be more patient with the children (and husband!)
- Keep up with the organising/cleaning/tidying/baking.
- Start up a local Home-Ed group.
- Play more games with the children.
- Take more photos and do more crafting.
- Make more effort to meet new people and keep in touch with friends.
- Acknowledge my blessings each day.
- Follow our schoolwork plan (I've failed every year so far...)
- Continue with the less computer time (I'm not missing it).
- More reading, less TV watching.

I also want to prepare throughout the year for Christmas instead of it ending up as a last minute rush and expense.


  1. Great resolutions! I'm sure you'll succeed with them.

    Very in awe of you in the domestic goddess front. I'm being challenged in that area right now, lol!

    Kids photo group at:

  2. Oops, that should be

  3. Goodness, roll over Nigella! Any tips for a wannabe Domestic Goddess? :-)

    You certainly have a lot planned for the new year :-)

  4. You've gone mad mum!