Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Goings Good

Apart from wanting to scream at the car situation, things are good here.

This morning didn't start off too well when I received my monthly statement from the catalogue. It showed a £12.00 "administration fee", which when I investigated further, was a late payment charge. I wasn't very happy. I knew that I had paid two payments in December, one at the start and one at the end of the month. I had received the next statement and it showed £0.00 as being the minimum requested payment because of this. So I rang them up to complain. I was ready to fight my corner, but really didn't need to. Apart form the patronizing "are you sure you read your last statement correctly madam?" they didn't put up much of a fight. It turned out to be an error (of course) and the charge has been removed. Only £12.00 I know, but it was the principal. I could smile again :-)

The new schoolwork routine is (I'm frightened to say it) working really well. I'm desperately trying not to feel smug whilst experiencing the "Yippee, we've cracked it!" feeling at the end of each day. It's hard not to though, as it really does feel like we have finally found a do-able routine that works for us, and it pleases us all. I keep telling myself that it's all too easy, but at the same time I'm kicking myself for not implementing it before. I can already see a difference in the children and their attitudes, particularly in Tiegan. She is absolutely thriving with the one-to-one attention and gets a lot out of it. It's odd because she has become a lot more "loving" if that is the right word. Lots more cuddles and "I love you mummy" being heard. That was something I hadn't bargained for, but I'm not going to complain about!

The independent working side of things is also working well for us. The children are settling into it nicely, knowing what area are meant to be doing at what time. They are no longer waiting to have things explained to them, or having to hang around whilst I explain something or help the younger ones. They are perfectly capable of getting on with their own project or computer work on their own, and are proving that daily. 'Tis Good.

Our afternoon routine is also slotting into place nicely, without being forced. After lunch we go off and do our own thing; the kids often reading, playing a game, or watching a documentary, whilst I clean out cages or sort out washing or ironing. Then we all take a walk together with the dog, before coming home and doing our family reading (currently Anne Franks Diary), or discussing some current affair or other. Yesterday we had a long (hour or so?) discussion about crime and punishment. It led on to capital punishment and we all put our thoughts forward and discussed the for and against arguments. All very thought provoking, and interesting for me to hear what my children think of such a subject. This afternoon we had a break and just played on the Wii *grin*.

We were somewhat distracted by *something* occuring almost right outside our house though. I have no idea what. Our first thought was a car accident, but we haven't heard anything on the news so can't say for sure. There were dozens of police swarming the area, one lane of the road closed off, numerous emergency vehicles bombing this way and that, and (most exciting for Callum) the police helicopter literally hovering over our house for ages. The police were outside from approximately 3.45pm until 10-30pm ish, and it meant that the children just had to keep checking on things from the upstairs window and provide us with progress reports every couple of minutes of course *rolls eyes*. I do hope and pray that it was nothing too awful, although gut feeling is obviously preparing to hear the worst.


  1. Glad to hear your routine is working out well for you all.

  2. Anonymous12:04 am

    Glad its working out for you.

    Hope the whatever-it-was wasnt too terrible.

  3. Those kind of charges on statements are so frustrating. Imagine how many are paid without querying them - all that extra money the company receives "in error". Grrr, I get really annoyed about things like that. Glad you got it sorted. Elle.