Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's arrived!

My all shiny and new crock-pot arrived this morning, I'm so chuffed.

It was due to arrive yesterday of course, but very sadly there was a fatal crash just along our road and the road was closed for over 3 hours. The kids couldn't believe that I had a smile on my face when something to do with cooking had arrived! They haven't got their heads around their "changed" mum yet.

We welcomed it to the family by using it to cook a rather yummy scrummy rice pudding (even I thought it was yummy, and I am not usually a rice-pudding lover.) It must have been extra nice as each of the children said how lovely it was. High praise indeed. So thank you Mr Crock Pot, we look forward to tasting your next creation.

Tiegan went off this morning with my brothers' girlfriend and her daughter to a jungle playhouse thing. Both Chelsea and Joseph did "school" and completed their maths work with ease.

Chelsea wrote 2 book reviews (which she is going to add to her blog tomorrow for anyone that reads it), and Joseph read aloud the first story from The White Horse of Zennor and other stories by Michael Morpurgo.

Chelsea then read aloud from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

After lunch we read from our day to day bible, and then went off to the library to stock up on books. I took the dog out (in the wind and rain, brrr) on our return, whilst the children read their books at home in the warm.

Tonight Joseph went off to the first Cub-Scout meeting of the new year and was very proud to return as a seconder. He came home full of chatter about his new responsibilities and I once again told him how proud I was of his behaviour and achievements. He wants to work really hard to gain some more badges before he goes up to Scouts in September. I plan to sit down with him tomorrow and work through his badge book to see which are within reach for him.

Joseph and Tiegan finished the day off with a game of Bingo.

Chelsea and I sat and watched Hugh's Chicken Run. Certainly a thought provoking, discussion making programme.


  1. Love the new crock pot, I don't know where we'd be without ours so I'm sure you'll get plenty of use from it.

    Congrats to Joseph on becoming a seconder, that's brilliant news. My two start at scouts tonight, when does Chelsea go back?

  2. Oooh, any recipes you wish to share?

    Chelsea went back to scouts last Friday, something that I forgot to blog! I hope the boys enjoy their group tonight, I'll be thinking of them.

  3. hee hee, I'm a bit of a 'chuck it in and see what it tastes like' girl but I'll try to dig some out for you. :-)

  4. The White Horse of Zennor by Michael Morpurgo - that sounds right up Katie's street. She likes his books and I don't think we've come across this one.

    Lovely pics.


  5. lol Lin, that's what I do too :)